Easy as Pie

By Noelle Adams

Where is my pie chart? It’s the question many people ask after getting their DNA analysis results. Companies like Ancestry and MyHeritage have been marketing these increasingly popular kits to consumers with colorful images of a Pie chart to visually help break down the various geographic/ethnic origins of a person’s genetic makeup.  However, when Customers get their results back, they usually look something like this:

Hardly something you can show the neighbors.

Not only is it unsightly, but understanding it can be difficult and consumers have not liked the confusion that often results from such a layout. In fact it’s one of the biggest complaints in the industry. Companies have recently taken steps to correct this, by providing interactive maps and digital percentage lists but the results are still not printable in any kind of visually pleasing format and can still be difficult to read.

Niki and Jeannette spent years speaking to Consumers from all over the world who have been clamoring for a way to take their genetic history and proudly display it. One customer stated:

“I’m proud of my heritage! I want something I can put on my wall or on my coffee table so I can show people!”

Another Customer said: “The original (DNA) breakdown is just so confusing! I wish there was an easier way to read it.”

For these customers, and the millions of others like them, I am proud to introduce DNA & ME!

With more than forty years of experience in online family history between them, DNA & Me website creators, Niki and Jeannette, have created something that gives people the ability to celebrate and embrace the special heritage they have been born with; To be able to connect with who they are, their genetic identity and to their families with stunning visual effects.

DNA & Me is offering more than just a pie chart, although you can certainly get that too. They are providing the tools to help consumers celebrate their heritage in a new, innovative way that appeals to people across generations from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Family and personal pictures can be uploaded  to create a personalized chart as unique as your own DNA.  Just make sure that you have the copyrights to any photo you will upload.  If you don’t like to feature yourself in the photo – that’s perfectly fine! There are also many beautiful photos on the site that you can choose from.

When you have created your design, it can be downloaded directly to your computer to be printed at your leisure or saved as a wall-paper.   You  may  choose  to  have  DNA & Me print your masterpiece as a high quality professional print for you!  My advise: When you want top quality, you go with the pro! Advanced printing technology on finest paper will provide you with incredible pro prints so vivid they nearly come to life. Don’t gamble with your memories, choose what’s best for saving them!  DNA & Me uses  Lustre “E” (Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper with a fine grain pebble texture) – which is one of the highest quality and best professional photo paper in the industry! Your prints will be FABULOUS!

But that’s not all! You can  now get these fully customized charts featured on wall art displays, magic mugs, phone cases, PILLOW cases, a cutting board and MORE!  One of our most popular items is our new DNA Wallet Photo Card.  Set on a hard plastic (credit card size) medium, you can create a two sided AMAZING conversation piece that will can show to all of your family and friends! You will have all of  your DNA information right at your fingertips.  Displaying your heritage has never been so FUN!

With an emphasis on quality and a vision to help people connect with their heritage, DNA & ME is providing what the industry has been sorely lacking for years; New life to the stale and scientific results with a personal touch that is sure to make people smile for years to come.