About Us

“Got DNA? Let us help you show it off!” Jeannette

With more than 40 years of experience in Family History research, DNA & Me co-founders Niki and Jeannette have created a team of amazing, passionate individuals who are excited to help you celebrate and embrace the special heritage you have been born with, connect with your families and genetic identity with stunning visual displays.

“We provide a way to help you connect your family and your heritage. Our mission is to help you own your genetic identity in a way that helps you remember that you are more than just DNA and to emphasize the relationships that are so very important to who you are.” – Niki

DNA & Me offers customers more than just a pie chart, although they can certainly get that too, we see ourselves as giving customers the opportunity to celebrate their heritage in a new, innovative way that can appeal to people across generations.

“It doesn’t get more personal than DNA!  We want to give you more than just the cold, hard facts that you can visit occasionally on the internet.  We provide the tools for you to combine your DNA results with a photo of your choosing and then print them in fun and innovative ways.  We want you to celebrate who you are everything that makes up you! So, here ya go:  

                                               Got DNA? Let us help you show it off!”   Jeannette

With an emphasis on quality and a vision to help people connect with their heritage, we want to give our customers what the industry has been sorely lacking for years – new life to the stale and scientific results and adding a personal touch that emphasizes our Mission statement:

You are more than just DNA!  

Celebrate it!  

Artistic credits, please visit:

Emily Callens Collection: emilycallens.com

Josephine Moellmer Collection:  http://goodmoejo.blogspot.com/