About Us


     With more than 40 years of experience in Family History research, My DNA Pie co-founders Niki and Jeannette have created a team of amazing, passionate individuals who are excited to help you celebrate and embrace the special heritage you have been born with.

    “For YEARS people have been forced to locate their DNA test results on the internet or dig for it in a stack of papers!  Are you one of them? This is why we created My DNA Pie. We want to help you celebrate your heritage in a beautiful and creative way that you will be excited to show off to your family and friends!”  – Niki

     “It doesn’t get more personal than DNA!  We want to give you more than just the cold, hard facts that you can visit occasionally on the internet.  We provide the tools for you to combine your DNA results with a photo of your choosing and then print them in fun and innovative ways.  We want you to celebrate who you are everything that makes up  you!

         So, here ya go: Got DNA results? Let us help you  show it off!”  –  Jeannette                                      

     Here at My DNA Pie, we’re giving you something that the industry has been sorely lacking for years; new life to the drab, scientific results you normally get with DNA test results.  We help you add a personal touch that helps proudly display your individuality. We put an emphasis on providing you the best quality product we can so you can take pride in your heritage and how you uniquely display it.

     Thank you for taking time to learn about us. Now go check out our products so we can tell others, about you!

                                                                           Celebrate it your way!




We believe in helping young artists get started.  Our site currently features photography and artwork by the following artists:

Emily Callens Photographic Collection: emilycallens.com

Josephine Moellmer Anime Collection:  http://goodmoejo.blogspot.com